Port Information

Port of Male’, Maldives

Latitude: 04 10.5 N Longitudes: 073 30.5E
Time Zone: GMT +5HRS
Maximum Draft: 9.5m (Alongside Berth) 20-40m (At Outer Anchorage)


Break Bulk , Container, Dry Bulk, Gas, Liquid,Multipurpose, Passenger, RoRo

Maldives Port Authority
Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Maafannu, Male’
20-02 Maldives
Tel:  + 960 3329339
Fax: + 960 3325293
E-mail: maldport@dhivehinet.net.mv



The Maldives group of Islands extends in a N/S direction from 00 41.48 S to approx 08 00N, to the SW of the Indian subcontinent. Male’ the principal port, is centrally situated on the E side of the group.

General Overview

The new harbour area in the extreme NW of Male’ is to be used to load and unload foreign trade cargo vessels with drafts of 9.5 meters and LOA of 150 meters. Vessels can berth at the Northern pier (Magathufaalan). The harbour area also incorporates a marina. The average ship turn around is 88.32 hours.

Traffic figures: Approximately 440 vessels and 821,876 t of cargo plus 16,169 teu are handled annually

Load Line Zone

At the lighterage wharf, max LOA 60m and max draft 3.0m
At the Northern pier. (Magathufaalan) max LOA 150m and max draft 9.5m
At anchorage 25m draft vessels ca be accepted.

Pres Arival Information

ETA must be sent to 48 hours and subsequently 24 hours prior to arrival to the Port Authority, Coast Guard, Customs, Port Health Officials and Immigration.

Documents Required

DocumentNo. of copies
Crew List7
Passenger List7
Tobacco/Sprit/Personal Effects2
Arms and ammunition/Narcotics1
Health documents or certificates1
Certificate of Deratting1
Ship's All Safety Certificates For Port State Survey
Officers/crew competency certificates (original) For Port State Survey
Cargo gear certificate Valid
Bills of landing2
Manifest (freighted)4
Un-Manifested cargo list4

Radio Information

Pilot station
Pilot Vessel10N/AN/AN/A
Port Authority1133293393323252malport@dhivehinet.net.mv
Harbour Master77719663327883N/A
Terminal Operation

HEALTH – Medical facilities are available

  • Port Health clearance by radio not applicable
  • Any sick person or dead body on board should be notified to Port Health by cable, 24hrs in advance
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required only if the vessel has called at yellow fever area during last 30 days
  • Permission to be obtained to bring animals including pets with valid health certificates
  • Vessel entering Maldivian ports must display international quarantine signal till health formalities are completed by port health officer

Custom and Immigration

  • Maldives Customs Services are currently located at Boduthakurufaanu Magu, behind the commercial harbour premises.
  • The following is a notification from the Maldives Customs Services to vessels calling at Male’ commercial Harbour:
  • All ships are required to submit a port clearance, cargo manifest, passenger and crew list and where applicable, any other relevant documents
  • Departure time should be reported and port clearance obtained
  • All visitors, officers, crew and passengers of ships are requested to use the Male’ Commercial Service
  • Foreigners are not allowed to land at Male’ after 10:00 pm without prior permission
  • Foreigners landing at Male’ should go on board before 10:00 pm

Prohibited Imports into Maldives

  • Prohibited items of import (except for use of the state)
  • Any type of gun powder
  • Weapons of war
  • Opium, Ganja, Cocaine, and any other items, which could be used as an intoxicant
  • Articles carried by foreign distinguished persons signifying their ranks, titles or honors and articles carried in connection with such rank. Titles or honors by those who accompany such distinguished guests shall be the exception to this article
  • Prohibited items of import without a permit from the government-concerned ministry ( except for the use of the state)
  • All forms of poisons and sulfuric acid
  • Nitrates
  • Dangerous Animals
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Dogs
  • Pigs or Pork
  • Status (used for warship)
  • Totally prohibited items if imports into Maldives
  • Nude of pornographic cards
  • In addition to items stipulated in this bill, the principal collector of Customs shall with hold such items, the import of which in his opinion shall be prohibited and bring the matter to the notice of Ministry of Trade and Industries. The final settlement will be in accordance with the decision of that Ministry.

Standard Message: Vessel calling Maldives Ports should send ETA message 48 hours in advance as per Port Circular MPA-H-99-02. Vessels approaching Male’ Port should contact Harbour Control on VHF channel 10, 2 hours prior to arrival at the Pilot Boarding Ground.

Flag: Only the International code of signals flag are used

Notice of Readiness (NOR): Vessels should report Maldives Ports Authority as soon as they receive inward clearance from Customs/Immigration/Port Health.


All agents nominated must be approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Customs and Maldives Port Authority.


Outer Approaches

There are no traffic separation schemes. Pilot embarking and disembarking position is:
LAT: 04 10.00 N. LONG: 073 32.00 E.

Gaadhoo Koa: Gaadhoo Koa channel buoys and beacons are fitted as follows:

Starboard Hand:

  1. Beacon in position Lat: 04 11.28 N Long: 073 31.48 E FI (G) 4s 3M
  2. Beacon in position Lat: 04 10.50 N Long: 073 31.70 E FI (G) 4s 3M

Port Hand:

  1. Beacon in position Lat: 04 11.05 N Long: 073 31.15 E FI (R) 4s 3M
  2. Beacon in position Lat: 04 11.20 N Long: 073 31.35 E FI (R) 4s 3M

Port Limits:

Lat: 04 10.9N; Long: 073 30.4E
Lat: 04 12.6N; Long: 073 30.4E
Lat: 04 10.7N; Long: 073 28.8E
Lat: 04 12.6N; Long: 073 28.8E

Inner Approaches


Pilot is compulsory for all vessels above 100GT
Pilot Boat is required for all weather conditions

Maldives Ports Authority (MPA)
Telephone:323993 (PABX)
VHF Channel:10
Position of Pilot boarding ground:Lat: 04 10.00 N Long: 073 32.00 E
Hours of Service: Arrival0600 to 2300
Hours of Service: Departure24 hours


Safe anchorage with good holding ground, Vessels discharging and loading cargo at Male’ are requested to anchor inside the working anchorage.

Cargo working anchoragewaiting anchorage
A) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 29.70 EA) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 28.80 E
B) LAT: 04 10.90 N LONG: 073 29.70 EB) LAT: 04 10.70 N LONG: 073 28.80 E
C) LAT: 04 10.90 N LONG: 073 30.45 EC) LAT: 04 10.90 N LONG: 073 29.70 E
D) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 30.45 ED) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 29.70 E

Tanker anchorage eastTanker anchorage west
A) LAT: 04 12.10 N LONG: 073 29.70 EA) LAT: 04 12.50 N LONG: 073 28.80 E
B) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 29.70 EB) LAT: 04 12.10 N LONG: 073 28.80 E
C) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 30.45 EC) LAT: 04 12.10 N LONG: 073 29.70 E
D) LAT: 04 12.70 N LONG: 073 30.45 ED) LAT: 04 12.50 N LONG: 073 29.70 E

Explosive anchorageShip of war and troop ship
A) LAT: 04 12.10 N LONG: 073 28.80 EA) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 30.70 E
B) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 28.80 EB) LAT: 04 11.40 N LONG: 073 30.70 E
C) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 29.70 EC) LAT: 04 11.40 N LONG: 073 31.00 E
D) LAT: 04 12.10 N LONG: 073 29.70 ED) LAT: 04 11.70 N LONG: 073 31.00 E

Tidal Range and Flow

Tide range over Male’ and near by Islands
Mean spring range:       Approximately 0.7 m
Mean neap range:         Approximately 0.3 m

Charts and Publications

  1. B.A. Chart 1013 and 3323
  2. Pilot book: west coast of India
  3. List of lights: Vol. F
  4. List of admiralty radio signals: Vol. VI part 12

Available Tugs

  1. Veeru BP ( 08 Tons)
  2. Ox BP (04 Tons)
  3. Veeru 2 BP (12 Tons)

Morning Information

Ships berthing at northern pier (Magathufaalan):
Three lines FWD and AFT; Two spring FWD and AFT.
Rat Guards included on all lines

Dock Density: 1026 through out the year


Northeast Monsoon (December- Mid April)
Calm seas with northeasterly winds of 9 knots
Southwest Monsoon (May- November)
Rain occurs over the country during the Southwest Monsoon period. Surface wind varies between southwest and northwestly with an average speed of 11-15 knots per hour. In May to October wind gusts between 35-45 knots and the sea can become very rough.

Tide range over Male’ and nearby Islands is about 0.7m mean spring. Mean neap range is about 0.3m.

Current in Gaadhoo Koa: The streams from Vaadhoo kandu run across this opening and during the NE monsoon a component of the current sets NW through the entrance channel which directs the vessel towards the reef, fringing the east side of Male’.

With the entrance, the flow turns west between Male’ and Funadhoo. Strong currents have been reported during the NE monsoon within Male’ harbour.

During the SW monsoon, a component of the current enters Male’ lagoon through Giraavaru Irumathee Kandu six (6) miles of Male’. It flows out principally through the channel East of Villingili and between Male’ and Funadhoo into Wadhoo Kandu.

Restriction: From 2300 hours to 0600 hours vessel’s are not allowed to enter Male’ port

Coast Guard: Coast Guard maintains watch on channel 16, 24 hours. Coast Guard will board with Pilot for security clearance

Berth and Cargo


Magathufaalan (Northern Pier), Length 101.3 meters and Depth 10.2 meters
Lighterage Berth West, Depth 3.5 metres
Lighterage Berth East, Depth 3.5 meters

Cargo: All types of cargo handled at berth except dry bulk cargo, liquefied Petroleum and Gases. Dock densities 1026 maximum temperature 33º C


09 Hatch barge 150 tons
02 Hatch barge 200 tons
03 Flat top 300 tons

Ballast and Slops: Dirty Ballast and slops are not allowed to discharge

Security and Safety: Ships Crew are responsible for Gangway watches. The Coast Guard performs search and Rescue operations. Fire Services are the responsibility of the National Security fire brigade.

General Repairs: Maintenance repairs can be done by local workshops

Bunkering, Water and Ship Stores: Fresh water is available through pipeline at berth, or local agents can supply fresh water at anchorage by barge.

Ship Stores: Local agents can supply ship stores or ship crew can buy ship stores and provisions. All items must be cleared through the Customs Gate.

Transport: Male’ International airport is 1 kilometer from Male’

Operating Airlines

Air 2000, Air Alfa, Air Europe, Air Tours, BAL Air, Balkan Airlines, City Bird Condor, CORSE Air Int’l,Emirates, Euro Fly, Expo Aviation
Indian Airlines, KLM Airlines, LAUDA Air Int’l, LAUDA Italy
LAUDA Vienna, LTU Int’l, Malaysia Airlines, Oriental Express,
Pakistan Int’l, Singapore Airlines, Sky Cabs, Sky Tours
South African Air,Sri Lankan Air, Swiss Air, THAI Airways

Domestic Flights: Island Aviation, Maldivian Air Taxi,Trans Maldives Airways


Al’ haa Eid Day,
Fith’r Eid Day
Hajj Day,
Islamic New Year Holiday,
Prophet Muhammed’s Birth Day,
Republic Day 11th November,
Beginning of Fasting Month (Ramazaan)

Working Hours

Cargo working times:
Saturday to Thursday: 0730 hours to 2400 hours
Friday: 1430 hours to 2200 hours

Developments: Construction of two new ports are almost finished, one in Kulhudhuffushi (Northern Atolls) and one in Hithadhoo (Southern Atolls)

Surveyor: Surveying is carried out by Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation only

Garbage Disposal: Food wastes, maintenance work wastes, and cargo-associated wastes can be disposed of through the local agent on the Ship Master’s request

Official and Visitors: Officers from Customs, Immigration and the Port Health Authority will board the vessel, with agent, on arrival

Pollution: Vessels needing to discharge slop from tank cleaning and dirty oil bilge should request local agent to provide reception facility. The Port Authority has no slop reception facilities. If any vessel discharges over board or in case of oil spill found in port, the officer in charge of the vessel should report the incident to the Maldives Ports Authority and Coast Guard.

Government Regulation

  1. Notice is hereby given that it is expressly forbidden for any vessel to dump or discharge into any harbour, lagoon, or into any part of the waters of the Maldives, refuse, bunker oil, sewage, noxious substances or any materials or substances whatsoever.
  2. The Master of any vessel and /or its agents will be held directly responsible for any nature or degree of pollution of the water, lagoon and Islands of the Republic of Maldives through the dumping or discharge of any refuse and /or substances.
  3. In the event of any nature of degree of pollution of Territorial water of the Republic of Maldives due to the dumping or discharging of refuse and /or substances, the master and /or the agent of the offending vessel shall be subject to an immediate fine deemed by the Authority concerned according to Maldivian Law