ANTRAC HOLDING entered automobile business in Maldives in 2004 with Bajaj vehicles as most well-known and trusted brand names in Indian, was founded almost hundred years ago by a towering visionary.

These days price of is main concern, Bajaj vehicles featured for stable comfort riding, fuel consumption lower than half of the normal vehicles, long lasting and affordable price.

Trained sales team, technicians, ready available spear parts at our showroom and services centre are additional confidence about products we sell.

Every single person in our society affords to buy a motor cycle from us; we have options as per the demand and reputation, we sell our vehicles to recover our payment as installment basis and spot cash.

Just get an application form from our office, showroom, or assembling centre, fill it with the information we required about you.  As soon as we received the form with required information you will get your motor cycle with registration and number plat.